Your business most likely has a story. And if it’s a story worth telling, it’s one that should be told.

So how do you get your story into your local newspaper, magazines or on television?

That’s where Oregon Marketing Group can help.

Our writers will sit down with you to learn everything they can about you and your business. We would ask questions such as what inspired you to start your company, what makes you most proud about what you do, who are your role models and more. After we learn all we can, we would prepare a press kit to either be mailed or emailed to newspapers, magazines and television stations. After we send out press kits, we would follow-up with a phone call to the appropriate editor to see if he or she needed more information or to arrange an interview. We can help you develop a media plan if you are launching a new product and we can help you with crisis communication situations.

Two mistakes business owners make when working with the media are:

  1. They assume the press will find out about their business and contact them to do the story.
  2. They assume having a story in a newspaper, magazine or television show isn’t worth the effort it takes to send out press kits and follow-up.

Let’s start with mistake No. 1.

There are more stories to tell than any newspaper, magazine or television station has the time to tell. And editors get on average 10 story pitches a day – that’s for a weekly newspaper. Think of an editor like Old Mother Hubbard who has so many stories to tell, she didn’t know what to do. If you want your story told, you need to contact the local newspapers and magazines. Remember, your competition isn’t being shy about making that phone call.

Although it will cost you to hire someone to prepare a press kit, you will get the return on your dollar. People like knowing how the local baker got his recipe for his scones or how a business has been handed down from generation to generation or about the stay-at-home mom who created a wonderful gadget.

Unfortunately, there are times when a business is hit with bad news and that’s when the press will be knocking on your door to find out every last detail. At Oregon Marketing Group, we specialize in crisis communication. Before you talk with the press to explain what’s happening at your business, meet with one of our team members. We can tell you how to handle the media, what to say and even prepare a statement. We will share with you the tactics reporters use to get you angry enough to say something you don’t want to reveal. Think of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men.”

If you are ready to have your story told, give Oregon Marketing Group a call. We can meet with you to help you develop a media plan before you launch your new product or send out press releases to let people know you have hired a new employee.

Most importantly, we will help create a buzz about your business. And bring customers to your door.

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