Ask your parents. Ask any expecting parents. Even ask your grandparents.

There is at least one story they all have in common.

The careful thought and consideration that went into selecting a name for their child. A name that would mean something. A name you would be proud of.

As a business owner, you probably spent hours making lists and crossing off names that didn’t quite fit with what your business does or how you wanted it viewed. As William Shakespeare wrote for his play Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
If you don’t already have one, now it’s time to select yet another name for your business and officially register it.
Whether you have a storefront or an online business, you need a domain name.

Think of a domain name as your calling card on the worldwide web. When people are searching for your business or what your business does, they are going to type what they are looking for such as “chocolate maker” or “vineyards in Oregon.” A domain name will help search engines find your business and attract customer’s to your website.

According to’s website, a domain name is like a street address. Let’s pretend you want to get to Autzen Stadium but you don’t know the exact address. If you put it in Google maps or ask a cab driver, they can get you to your destination. A domain name works the same way. “It’s an easy way to reach the exact location of a website without having to remember its numeric address,” states’s website.

If you don’t have a domain name, your customer is going to have trouble finding you.

Here are 7 tips about a domain name:

Take the name for a test drive. Remember you are going to be repeating this name many times.
Choose one that represents what your business does. If your business name is Godiva – for your domain name you might want to make it
Make the name memorable – think of The name is catchy and it creates a picture of what the company’s attitude and goals are. It’s also one of the largest websites to register your domain name.
Don’t pick a name that is too challenging to spell, hard to pronounce or too difficult to remember. A friend recently started a blog were she blended her first and middle name, making pronouncing the blog a challenge. Another friend had to add the name of her city to her domain name because when she first told people the name, they got some inappropriate results. Think about how many times a day you tell a friend about a great website or blog and they ask you how to spell it. When picking your domain name, select one that won’t be misspelled or forgotten.
If you have name that is popular like ABC Roofing or ABC Sewer Systems, add the name of your city to your domain name such as ABCroofingpdx.
Even if you aren’t ready to launch a website, register a domain name. By doing so, you prevent your competition from buying the name. By purchasing a domain name, it gives your business a level of professionalism – indicating you are serious about your business. The process of registering your domain name is affordable and easy to do.
When you register a domain name, you also receive an email address. This is important because it promotes your business every time you correspond with clients. For example it would read, This provides you with yet another opportunity to promote your business.

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