Opening your mailbox, you discover a cream colored linen envelope with an embossed VR on the back. Tearing open the envelope, you learn you have been invited to a black-tie fundraiser to support your favorite charity.

Problem is you don’t know anyone and are quite nervous about attending. Yet you realize this will be a wonderful opportunity to introduce yourself to some key community members who could help your business grow.

Fortunately, you realize you do know the hostess and are eager for her to introduce you to the other guests.

Just as a hostess is key to greeting and introducing guests, a web hosting service is essential to introducing your website to current and potential clients on the worldwide web.

What is web hosting?

In the simplest terms, web hosting takes care of the needs of your website. Just a hostess ensures her guests are properly attended to and have what they need to enjoy the evening or their stay at her home, a web hosting service does the same. A web host rents out space on the Internet for websites. When you upload your website to a web hosting site, it opens the doors for your website to be found by storing your website files on its web servers and connecting to a fast network.

At a gathering, the hostess is responsible for introducing her guests to one another. A web hosting service does the same – when a client types in your web address, the web host makes the introduction between your website and the person. A web host keeps their servers maintained and upgraded and, in the case of “managed” hosting, also maintains and upgrades your website.

And just as a proper hostess works diligently to ensure only invited guests wearing the proper attire are allowed into the event, a web host does the same thing by ensuring their servers are secure.

A web host provides your website with the software, support, speed, and security you need to make sure your website graciously appears on the computers of your potential and current clients whenever they go to visit it.

Types of web hosting

There are five types of web hosting sites:

Shared Hosting Account – The server is shared with other websites.
Reseller Hosting Account – Users can resell web hosting space to other users.
VPS Hosting Account – You have more control of the server environment around your website than with shared hosting, but less than with dedicated hosting.
Dedicated Hosting Account – Full control and the most room for your website to grow.
Basic hosting – The least expensive type. For one domain name only.

Determining what type of web hosting site you need begins with evaluating your web needs: how much you speed you need, for example, and how much of your own time you want to dedicate to your website. A consultant at Oregon Marketing Group can sit down with you and go over your website to determine which host site will work best.

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