As the leaves turn to vibrant yellows, radiant reds and soft browns and the morning air gets a little chillier, October is a reminder the busy months are just ahead. For most companies, November and December are the times when holiday sales ramp up and planning for the next year begins.

Ask any business owner and they will tell you there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything they set out to do. They start with a list of 10 Must Do items and at the end of the day, they’ve added 16 more items. With meetings to attend, fires to estinguish and new clients to meet, every business owner could use a personal assistant. If your budget can’t afford one, here are xxx online tools we found to help you manage your tasks. And if they could invent one thing, it would be a way to have more time.

We’ve found a few time saving tools for busy businesses.


Your company is releasing a new product – something you have been working on for a couple months. Or perhaps you are hosting an open house to showcase the new product or your services.

To share your news, you start by sending a tweet on Twitter, then posting an update on Facebook, followed by writing a note on LinkedIn and finally unveiling the news on your blog. By the time you have shared the shared your news on all your social media accounts, it seems you have taken up the morning.

What if there were one place you could go to manage all your social media accounts?

There is – HootSuite – a great tool for linking your social media accounts and saving you time.

One of the best features of HootSuite is you can schedule your posts from now until next year. Let’s pretend you are hosting an antique show in November. You can start in October and post pictures of some of the treasures you will be selling each week as well as a reminder of the time, date and place of the show. Scheduling when you want HootSuite to release your news is its most manager-friendly tool because you can plan ahead and keep your account updated.

To learn more about HootSuite, visit


Before you walk into a business meeting, you turn your phone off. As you walk out an hour later, you see you have seven voicemails. At the risk of offending someone, listening to a voice mail can often be a waste of time and annoying. The person may drone on for a few minutes until he finally reaches his point, which is often – please call him for additional information. Welcome to PhoneTag – it converts voice messages to text format and sends you the message via email and/or as a text message. If you are worried you may have missed something, you also receive a recording of the voice mail in your message. And let’s be honest, it’s faster to read something than listen to someone say um, Ok and well a couple dozen times.

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One of our friends is the managing editor of a newspaper. We cannot count how many times she has told us about how people send her emails for an event too late. They either missed the deadline for when the newspaper is published or send the notice two days before the event.

If your company hosts events – whether it is a class, a fundraiser, an information session – and you want to let people know about it and boost attendance, try Localist.

According to its website, Localist helps customers:

  • Save 8,000 hours of work per year over other calendar software.
  • Raises awareness and increases attendance of your event by up to 70 percent.
  • Helps grow awareness of your company. Localist has been shown to increase web traffic more than 3,000 percent.

An advantage of Localist is you can start now and put every event on a calendar until next October.

Visit to learn more.

Oregon Marketing Group

The biggest mistake businesses make is believing they can save money by trying to do everything on their own. The truth is – they don’t get the work done and another deadline, another sales opportunity, another anniversary, another promotion … has been missed.

By hiring OMG, we take the work off your plate and get it done – on time, on budget and most importantly, to your satisfaction.

From creating videos to writing your blogs to updating your website to managing your social media, we can take the work from you, allowing you to concentrate on what you like to do. Let us help you make your business grow.

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