Life at Oregon Marketing Group has been crazy good and I am thankful for all my clients and for my amazing colleagues.

In the last few weeks, we have finished up five videos for clients who will use them for fall fundraisers and commercials.

All the work with videos got me to thinking about two television shows that air on Wednesday nights on ABC. In the Goldbergs, geeky Adam uses a video camera to document his family’s unpredictable and often out-of-control crazy life. What’s fun about watching the show is seeing the old video cameras and the video tapes the size of a paperback novel.

Skip ahead to The Middle and you will find a middle age mom in middle-America using humor, common sense and grit to keep her family on track in pursuit of middle class goals and values. In a recent episode, the youngest child Brick is told to clean the bathroom.

Seems like a pretty simple, straightforward task? Wrong. No one including his mom, Frankie, taught him how to clean the bathroom so being the geeky bookworm Brick is, he turns to YouTube for answers, which leads him to plying tile off the bathroom wall to remove black mold. And his mom sharing with him to survive in this family, it’s all about just cleaning the surface.

Before you begin to wonder where I am going with this, here it is – there’s a power in videos whether they were made in the 1980s to capture a family’s memories or today to discover tips on everything from how to make an apple pie to promoting your company.

The power of videos - Website Design and Video Production in OregonI have a few Oregon Duck fans who have asked me to watch the video Shout, posted on YouTube by Nike. Besides being an homage to Animal House and the fact fans at home Duck games dance and sing to Shout between the third and fourth quarter, the video features Oregon athletes from different eras. To my amazement, the more than 5 minute video which was posted more than four weeks ago, has been watch more than 1.93 million times.

So here’s my question, how is your company using the power of video to attract your costumers?

Let Oregon Marketing Group show you:

  1. The Power of YouTube. We can help you create a video or show you how to learn more about how YouTube works. A video is a great way to show you potential and current clients what you do. For example, if you have a chocolate company, a video can take your viewers behind-the-scenes as you make chocolate and caramel bars. Or if you are an auto mechanic, you can show customers what they need to check before heading out on a long trip or to be prepared in winter months.
  2. The advantages of commercials on your website. If you are a small or medium business, the idea of purchasing a commercial for television might not fit your budget at the moment. Oregon Marketing Group can create a fun, memorable commercial for your website.
  3. Create a TV commercial. At Oregon Marketing Group, we will show you not only how to create a commercial but when, where and what time to place it so you can capture your target audience.

Oregon Marketing Group offers video production service that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your project.  Cost? Flat rate as usual. $999 for an edited 30 second to 2 minute video. At OMG, we like to have fun and entertain which translates into more views and higher engagement.

Most importantly, we want people talking about the commercials and videos we created for our clients. Now that’s something that should make you want to “shout.”

Thank You - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

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