In the marketing and business world, networking is a critical factor in building a successful business. It’s essential to establish your credibility and navigate how your services can be of use to other professionals. One of the primary reasons Oregon Marketing Group (OMG!) is thriving today is due to high levels of networking. For this reason, we want to share with you how to build your network and grow your business. 


What is Networking?

Let’s break down the basics; networking merely is exchanging information with other people. By connecting with other professionals and knowing more about their business and services, you start to build a relationship and your credibility. Building strong relationships with other networking professionals allows you to help each other in the business world. For example, if I work with Andy, who owns a roofing & remodeling company, and I like his service, I will refer to Andy’s business to my networking connections and vise versa. 


Traditional Networking 

In the past and to this day, networking chambers exist to connect local businesses in the area. These groups vary by name and organization, but the most common is the Chamber of Commerce found throughout the United States. To join networking groups, one must pay an annual fee and attend weekly meetings with other business professionals. A weekly event is organized, the business hosting gives a presentation, and lastly, there is a designated time where people are allowed to network. Networking groups is a great place to start to build connections, establish your local network, and build a community. 


Online Presence 

Begin by building your online presence! Online presence includes social media, websites, digital advertisements, and digital content creation. Your online presence becomes vital because it reinforces your brand and what services you have to offer to your target audience. Once you have your website established, the second most important thing is to develop your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO makes it easy for search engines to find your website and directs your target audience to your website, social media, and videos. Lastly, social media is a great place to form a human connection with your audience. Social media platforms allow you to consistently target your audience, reinforce your brand, and show a different perspective of your brand that otherwise would not be visible. This includes showcasing colleagues, customers, work trips, or team meetings. Build your online presence and be consistent.



For those who do not know, LinkedIn is a social network designed for career and business professionals to connect. Linked In is ideal for those pursuing freelance work, customer base, potential partners, and to keep your job perspectives open. Most importantly, LinkedIn is a resourceful tool to network; you receive messages and updates from your colleagues or network. Lastly, having a LinkedIn drastically improves your Google presence. With more content that you post online, the higher SEO results you get. 



In conclusion, we wanted to offer one last tip: don’t be shy and put yourself out there. You never know what opportunities will occur out of a simple conversation, smile, and building relationships. It’s all about confidence, trust yourself, and be proud of the services you have to offer. Get out of your comfort zone and start building your network today! 


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