So you wanna start running, but you don’t exactly know where to start? We’ll teach you the ropes from how to get started, be consistent, and where to run. Start taking notes because this show is about to start.

Get a routine and remember why you started

Listen, running isn’t easy. Especially for us who love to sit on the couch and eat bag chips while watching our favorite T.V. show; ours is currently, WandaVision. The first step is to remember why we want to exercise and use that as motivation. In terms of health, exercise strengthens your heart and lowers your risk for disease. Don’t think about it as weight loss, but an activity to improve your health.

We recommend setting daily goals for yourself. Don’t think about it in terms of miles, think about it in terms of time. For example:
Monday: 15 min
Tuesday 25 min
Wednesday 15 min or rest day
Thursday 30 minutes
Friday 25 minutes.

You can change the time or add more if you feel up to the challenge. Remember the goal is to help you get more motivated not to kill yourself. We encourage taking long walks on the weekend, stretching the body, and resting.

Salem Running Routes

Here’s our list of best running routes to take in Salem, Oregon.

  1. Minto-Bown Island Park (7.3 miles)
  2. Bridge and Orchard Loop (3.2 miles)
  3. Bush Park Full Loop (1.4 miles)
  4. 5-kilometer Loop (2.9 miles)
  5. Audubon Nature Reserve Loops (0.5 miles)
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