You’ve just spent a lot of money, energy and exhausting late-hour teamwork making a hot new video for your company, and you want it out there, in the abyss of Internet possibilities, for all your clients to see. You’ve done all the right steps so far, made yourself an account on every major social media site – from the big fish names like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn, to the smaller sites, like Pinterest, Vimeo and Vine – and now all you have to do is wait and watch the numbers crawl up. You’re doing everything right, you think. You’re following all the proper social media etiquette, not reposting the same photo advertising your video every hour, cross-breeding your sites and posts, and reaching out to all audiences you think may be interested. Maybe numbers are climbing up, maybe they aren’t, but eventually, you find yourself at a standstill. Numbers just aren’t what you want them to be. And you are starting to feel a little bit stuck.

No matter how good your advertising is, the problem might just be your competition. While you are advertising the same way you’ve always been – free on social media – your competition might just be paying to advertise. Customers and potential audiences you want to hook with your new video may not even be seeing your video, not because it’s not good of course, but because it’s simply not showing up on their social scene. If you want more visibility, you might just want to look into paid social advertising, where you will get a lot more hits and easy clicks, just because you suddenly pop up on other people’s social media domains. It’s an easy and fast way to spread word about what you are doing, and get that beautiful video you created out there! Here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind to get you started:


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