Needing to access your LinkedIn account, you type in your password – ABCD$$$, only to get the message – sorry wrong password. Try again.

You frantically type in BCD$$$A. And again you get the same message- wrong password.

Figuring it has to be CD$$AB, you give it try, only to strike out. Completely at a loss at what this password could be, you have to check the box that says I forgot my password and reset a new one.

It isn’t surprising to forget a password, especially considering how many times a day you need to type one in.

Spend a moment adding up all the accounts you have that require passwords. I did and here’s the list of the accounts I use weekly: three email accounts, Facebook, two bank accounts, PayPal, two blogs and LinkedIn. And I am sure there is an account I forget that I only use monthly.

Most security experts recommend using a different password for each account. Using one password would be like having one key that could unlock your car, your house, your safe deposit box…

Wanting to be cleaver and trying to outsmart the hackers – – most people do have different passwords for their accounts and passwords that aren’t easy to remember such as a family member’s name, a birthdate, … And then there’s the advice to change your password at least every three months.

In our busy, crazy everyday lives, it seems we are always looking or searching for something we need to get to where we need to go next.

We search for our car keys when we are rushing out the door and we search our memories for the correct password to our online account.

While we don’t have a great solution for misplaced car keys – except always leave them in the same spot – we do have a viable solution for forgotten passwords.

If you are tired of forgetting passwords and having to reset them each time you do forget, check out KeePass Password Safe.

A free password manager, KeePass helps manage your password in safe way. And instead of having to go to this desk drawer for that password and try to remember where you wrote that one down, KeePass does the work for you.

To learn more how KeePass can help you, visit


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