Oregon Marketing Group is poised to make something that appears to be old school, new school.

We believe we know what is next in cutting edge in social media — videos.


Yes, videos.

Here’s why. Think about how many times you have been asked to share your story on why your chose your career or started your business? Or how you created a new product or a success story with your business?

By creating a video, you can share your story with thousands of people.

Let’s being with some old-fashion statistics. According to a global digital market measurement service called comScore Inc., the average Internet user watches 186 videos a month. Take that and divide it by 30 and that is 6.2 videos a day. Consider this – when you have a chance to watch a video or read a story – what do you do? Think of videos are virtual storytelling. A way to share what your business does with thousands of potential viewers.

In business, a key rule is to differentiate from your competition. Adding a video to your company’s website is one way to accomplish that goal. Why? There are few companies using videos on their websites. Search engines look for companies with videos, placing you higher on the list in a Google search. And once you get traffic to your site, you want to keep them there. A video provides an opportunity for people to learn more about your company – again it goes back to people would rather watch a video about what you do than read about it.

A video on your company’s website can help you:

  1. A video allows you to showcase your company by taking consumers behind the scenes. Whether you make wine or gourmet pies, you can show consumers where you grow your fruit, how it is picked, how the pies or wine is made and finally the finished product. The possibilities are endless – whether you are a hair stylist or an accountant – we will help you find a creative and professional way to introduce you and your skills to potential clients.
  2. Introduce your employees – Whatever you do, people are curious about who works at that company. Whether you sell tires or doorbells, people want to know they can trust the people providing them the service. A profile on your employee lets customers know this is the person they attend church with or sit next to at Little League games.
  3. Let your customers tell your story. Honesty to always the best policy and when a potential customers hears the testimony of a satisfied customer, it helps them see how your product or service could benefit their lives.

At Oregon Marketing Group, we can:

Create website commercials – For a small to medium size business, web commercials are a cost effective way to give your customers a quick summary of your business. Consumers want to know more about where they are spending their money. If a consumer is trying to decide between your business and Business X, we believe they will chose the one that is more personable. A video allows you to bring your customers to your front door from their computer. They can research you and your business before stepping foot in your door. A video allows you to bring a personable touch to your business and make it inviting. Customers can go behind the scenes and see how you make pizza or how friendly your car repair staff is. Oregon Marketing Group charges $999 for an edited 30 second to 2 minute video.

Plan and film TV Commercials

If you want to take your message to a larger audience, we can help you plan and deliver a TV commercial from start to finish. We are extremely picky when it comes to producing TV commercials. What does this mean? We create commercials that capture people’s attention, entertain them and leave them remembering your company. We do not create commercials that make people change the channel.

Getting your video on “You Tube”

At Oregon Marketing Group, we pride ourselves on being creative – and that’s not just something we just say. We enjoy the challenge of taking your company, brainstorming some ideas and then creating a video that gets plenty of hits on You Tube, thus bringing more customers to your door. We can create a 10 to 30 second video for a flat rate of $300 that will capture the attention of your target audience and leave your viewer eager to learn more about your product and service.

Create a training video for your employees

When you hire a new employee, one of the first things you want to do is educate the employee about your company and his or her job responsibilities. A training video will allow you to take your employee through the necessary steps and provide them with excellent training. And remember – a happy employee is your best public relations. People are asked daily – where do you work? When your employees answer that questions, make sure they also answer – it’s a great company because …

Let Oregon Marketing Group help you launch, distribute or create a video of your company. Our expertise assists you in creating videos that get noticed and talked about. And then you get to sit back and watch the results that happen for your company once the video is seen.


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