It was one of those days. Hurry here, rush there. Pick up this, drop off that, all on a Sunday and all before a dinner party that evening.

Learn the art of selling from Oregon Marketing Group - Website Design and Video Production in OregonTruthfully, I didn’t look my best. Wasn’t wearing the nicest clothes. Just run-around clothes before I put my nice clothes on.

I stopped in a clothing store, looking for a shirt to wear and no one – not one salesman offered to help me.

Went to another store where the employees usually offer to hand me a bag to put my purchases, again – no bag offered. No one offered to help me.

If I hadn’t been in such a hurry to get the next thing done, I would have spoken with the manager.

But instead, I probably won’t visit those stores again.

Selling is an art. A skill. Something that requires the salesperson being genuine, helpful, knowledgeable and most of caring.

I know I am particular about how I spend my money. I won’t spend it at places that don’t respect me or how hard I work for my money. If an employee is rude to me, I won’t go back. I figure there are other businesses who value me, my time and my money.

As a business owner, do you ever wonder how many sales a day you are losing?

Maybe it’s because an employee is too aggressive. Or an employee ignoring a customer or forgetting to follow-up with a client. Or not meeting deadlines.

There are all sorts of reasons why you may be losing sales.

If you want to have you business’ sales skills evaluated, learn what you can do to improve the skills or learn the art of selling, give Oregon Marketing Group a call.

We believe selling your service or product has to do with connecting with the customer. Treating him or her like you would like to be treated. Selling something is about listening and understanding when your client says she wants a blue pony, you better find her a blue, not pink one.

If you would like Oregon Marketing Group to offer sales training to help you and your sales staff learn how to connect with your clients and how to make the sale with class, ease and confidence, give us a call at 503-608-7685.

We will help you make a sale to even the most persnickety customer, like, well, me.


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