• Is key contact info easy to find?  Phone #, hours, address, etc…
    • Is your company value proposition clear? Why buy from you? 
    • Does your site convey “trust?” Include “trust marks?”
    • Does your website provide key information about your
      services/products on the site?
    • How does your site “convert” your visitor into a customer?
    • Do you have social buttons to let users know to “follow” you 

It is also important to know how to measure your websites effectiveness:

Know your traffic

    • What is driving my traffic?
    • Who is visiting?  My target prospects or not? 
    • What pages do visitors view? 

Engage visitors to interact 

    • Do users view videos?
    • Do users read all the content on my page?  
    • Do users view the “most important” content on my page? 

Turn visitors into prospects & customers

    • Are prospects calling, visiting? 
    • Are prospects completing lead forms, downloading content? 
    • Are visitors registering, paying online, buying?   

At Oregon Marketing Group we offer a full package website deal that will bring you an effective website that will keep your business at the top of google.

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