Throughout your house, you have wood blinds on your windows. And when the blinds are closed, they prevent people from seeing inside your home.

Or so you think.

Recently, a nosy neighbor – Mrs. Belingjar – commented on your new flat screen television. And the town know it all – Mr. Quincer – told everyone you allow your children to watch reality television.

How is it possible, you ponder, they can see inside your house even though you installed window blinds? How do you feel about the idea you thought you were protected from outside eyes peering in but you really weren’t.

Now take this comparison to the Internet. What if the information you are sending on the web is readable by anyone who wants to have access to it? Next question – are you using a SSL certificate to have a conversation with a website?

SSL certificates are data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to your website’s details. When installed on the web server, it acts like a padlock, allowing a secure connection from a web server to a browser. If your business does credit card transactions, transfers data or uses logins, having a SSL certificate is recommended. To secure browsing on social media sites, it’s also a good idea to have a SSL certificate because it locks together a domain name, server name or hostname and the company’s name and its location.

Think of an SSL certificate of the security guard who protects data from the web server to the browser. A SSL Certificate conducts traffic by making sure there is a secure connection.

Spend a few minutes listening to the news and it seems there is a story daily about hackers – including recently attack at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which caused major internal computer problems at the film studio last week. Sony’s corporate email and other systems were knocked off line. Last December, Target was the “target” of hackers who stole credit card information.

In November, the Electronic Frontier Foundation announced it will make SSL and encryption on the web free. They were able to do this by creating a nonprofit organization called Internet Security Research Group, which is making free SSL certificates available for any website starting in summer of 2015.

Protecting your business’ information from hackers or prying eyes is critical to your business’ health and welfare. One thing we do at Oregon Marketing Group is take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest in what’s happening in business.

As computer hackers and other web traffic spies get more sophisticated on how to steal your information, it takes some teamwork to learn how to keep them from seeing what you don’t want them to see.

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