There are many things I can do well, especially all the things I do for my company, Oregon Marketing


There are also a lot of things I would never attempt to try.

For example, you would never want me to like fly an airplane, fix your car, work on your teeth or make a

seven-layered birthday cake.

And if you need one of those services, I could highly recommend who to hire.

For me, time is money. I know where my strengths are and I know what tasks would take me more time

to figure out how to do or that I should never, ever attempt to do. That’s why I hire a car mechanic, a

dentist or a baker.

What often amazes me is that many small businesses owners think they can do it all – balance the

books, hire the employees, create a long term business plan, produce the product, create a marketing

plan and do all the marketing and public relations.

Even if there were such a person who was multi-talented and quite capable of doing all of the above, I

dare say there would be enough hours in the day to accomplish every single task.

Yet, I know and I am pretty sure you do too – people who try to wear several hats in their business. And

when asked why they try to do everything from deliver the product to film the television commercial,

they will tell you they:

A. Cannot afford to hire someone else to do it

B. Don’t know who to hire

C. Don’t have the time to find someone to hire who they trust to do their work

D. Sometimes, it’s just easier to do it themselves.

During several conversations with small business owners, I recently heard some say they know they

could figure out how the ins and outs of blogging and how to reach more readers only if they had the

time to do the research. And in the meantime, they plan to get around to the project when they can. Or

they want to advertise, put just don’t have the time to create an advertising plan.

Another thing commonly heard among business owners who attempt to do their own marketing,

advertising and public relations is how long it takes them to do the project. They spend hours writing

something that a professional like myself would take one-third or half the time. Consider this math – the

CEO writes a blog that takes him 6 hours. Let’s say his time is worth $20 an hour. That’s basically $120

worth of his time. If he were to hire a writer to do the work at half the cost and half the time, $10 an

hour at 3 hours equals $30, he would save $90 plus have the time to dedicate to tasks that he’s good at

such as bringing in more clients.

Oregon Marketing Group offers our clients:

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Marketing services

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I have the time, the expertise and the experience to tackle those projects just waiting to get done –

saving you time and money.

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