It’s hot.

Way too hot for the likes of us Oregonians who are used to it raining from September to June.

In Oregon, we haven’t seen real rain for days and we have seen temperatures hovering in the 100s. Yesterday, it was 107 degrees.

While we like warm weather, we prefer it to be in the 80s. Not the 100s.

And if you notice, a lot of people are a bit crankier when the temperature gets hot.

As a business owner, it may not be surprising to you that customers are not out and about on super hot days.

Here are a few ways to keep both your customers and employees happy during the dog days of summer:


  1. If you sell food products like chocolate or wine, you are less likely to get sales because who wants to buy wine and put it a hot car only to have the cork explode or chocolate that will melt. While it may cost you a little more, it will gain you respect for life – purchase containers or offer ice or other ways to keep food products cold. Even offer to keep the product in your store while the customer shops at other places around town and have them pick it up at the end of the day. Also, when selling food products, be honest with your customers and let them know how long the food will last in a car – with or without the air conditioning on.
  2. Offer discounts or hot summer deals – To get people in your store have a little fun and say if the temperature is more than 100 degree, you will offer 10 percent off all items.
  3. Let your clients know your store is cool – or that it has air conditioning.
  4. Now’s the time to showcase what summer items you have. Change up your window display to let potential customers know you have sundresses or flip flops.
  5. Offer ice cold water. A container with cold water and cups is a great way to show your hospitality. You may not get a sale today but it’s the little gestures of kindness people remember and repay.
  6. Employees: 
  1. Make sure your employees know your company’s dress code and make sure you enforce it. There’s a time and place to wear the skimpy sundress but the workplace isn’t one of them.
  2. If your office is not air conditioned, bring in fans.
  3. If you can, let your employees either work from home or adjust their hours so they come in early when it is cooler. For example, work 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. or work 6 to noon and come back later at night.
  4. Computers don’t like hot weather and can be sluggish on hot days. Take precautions to protect them, especially reminding your employees not to leave them in the car.
  5. Do something nice for your employees on extremely hot days such as bringing in ice cold drinks, ice cream or announce dress like a Hawaiian beach bum day.Whether you do something big or little to help your clients and employees when the weather becomes too hot, it will eventually help your business’ bottom line. A little hospitality and gesture of kindness is always rewarded.
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