WordPress Website Building – Step 1

Thank you for coming by and taking a look at the blog. Over the coming weeks we will be putting out the basics on how to start and build your own website. It’s fun and satisfying to be able to control your own presence online, so let’s get to it!

Step 1: Choosing a subject for your site.

You need to decide what your website is going to specialize in. The best way to find your subject is to pick a topic you are already interested in. For example you might like “golf” or “weight loss” or “computers”. If you own a business then the website will be about your industry or selling your products.

You need to find a niche within that subject.

You can’t just go and buy cars.com or pepsi.com, because they are not available.
Remember, it’s all about the keywords that people are going to use to find your website. If your keywords are not being searched for then you might as well not have a website for business reasons anyway.

What you must do is take the main topic and dig deeper to find your subject that will bring you the most traffic. For example, we are Oregon Marketing Group. Our subject is marketing but we have also tied in a location and had fun with the name: OMG!

What subjects can you dig into and find a niche for your website to thrive in?

Ryan Kackley is the founder of Oregon Marketing Group (OMG!)
OMG is based out of Silverton and serves all of Oregon.
He can be found at:


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