AFrom my conversations with many business owners over the years, I have heard about a common problem – the work is flowing, everything is going great and then bam – the company reaches a lull in its work load or a client decides to go with another company. This is usually a huge financial hit to the business.

The business owner asks me what he did wrong because he can’t understand why one moment clients are pouring in the door and the next, they aren’t.

A common mistake business owners make is they stop marketing their business. They count on clients returning, often not realizing in order for their business to continue to grow, they need to keep marketing and keep courting new clients.

One way to attract new customers is by lead generation.

I have learned how important lead generation is when starting a new business or expanding your existing business. And because I know how much time needs to be dedicated to lead generation, I have discovered some efficient and effective ways to generate new leads for your business.

One way is to let Oregon Marketing Group do the work for you. We can sift through data bases, make cold calls, generate networking opportunities and follow sales leads.

We can also look at your website and advertising and see if it is working for you to generate leads.

Here are five tips you can do to generate new business leads:

  1. On your webpage and advertising material, there should always be a phone number. While some people are used to emailing or texting, there are many others who want to pick up the phone and call.
  2. Whoever answers your phone at your office is your most important salesperson. If a potential client calls to inquire about your business and a cranky, sarcastic, rude employee answers the phone, what is the likelihood of that person hiring your catering company or purchasing shoes from your store? Make sure your employees know the importance of being friendly, polite and sincere – even if they are talking to Oscar the Grouch.
  3. Be out and about in the community. What amazes me is even with the vast amount of technology we have that the old-fashioned meet and greet still generates a ton of business. A friend recently told me how she met with several friends to plan a team dinner. As the women were talking, they all learned they knew the same cater, who was a friend of all of theirs. That’s who they hired. Not based on an ad or visiting a website – just because they knew the women who owned the catering company and chose to do business with someone they all knew.
  4. Make your website work for you. It should have a contact form so people can fill it out to get more information. Make sure to include testimonials from happy clients. Be clear and specific about what you can do. OMG can take a look at your website and make sure it’s functioning to its best ability.
  5. Let Oregon Marketing Group do the work for you and bring new clients to your door. The truth is clients come and go. Some are loyal and some are fickle. What’s also important to note is your competition wants your clients. And they will be working to lure them away. That’s why you always need to treat your existing clients like you would want to be treated while working to bring new ones in the door.
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