Why you should make a company training video for your organization.

With all the talk about students heading back to school, there hasn’t been much discussion about what this will mean to your business.

If you employee high school or college students, that means they may soon be exiting, leaving you with a spot to fill.

Fall is also the time when businesses start gearing up for the holidays and hiring extra staff and many people seek a job to earn extra money just for the holiday season.

And with hiring, comes training.

Let’s be honest – sharing your company’s philosophy, training new employees and teaching them how to use your equipment or stock your shelves can be both time consuming and make you feel like you’ve said the same thing for the umpteenth time. And while you may have thought you have explained every little detail, there is a possibility you may have missed one or two.

To effectively and efficiently train employees, many companies hire Oregon Marketing Group to create a training video. By showing your employees a video about your company and your expectations for them as an employee, you create a “playbook” by putting everyone on the same playing level.

Here are five reasons to use video to train your employees:

  1. You can schedule one day to show the video to several new employees rather than having to spend several days individually training each employee.
  2. A well done video will capture your new employees’ attention with its creative content and help them remember what they are learning. It also gives employees a chance to go back and review the information, just in case they missed it the first time or didn’t understand it.
  3. You can show rather than tell employees how to handle certain situations. For example, if a customer complains about the food and how slow the service is – you can have a scenario in your video about the incorrect and the correct way to handle the situation.
  4. Truthfully, it’s easier for people to tune-out when you are talking. We live in a time when people are more used to getting their information from TV or their phone. With a creative and fun video, new employees will eagerly await what happens next. Also, a video allows you to do the training – not one of your current employees who may not be doing something correctly or will teach her own style of management.
  5. By showing an employee what is expected of him, it will allow him to quickly learn what is expected of him and perform his job. Therefore, if you want your trainees to be well trained and successful in achieving organizational and individual goals, it is a good idea to include videos in their training program.

Give Oregon Marketing Group a call so we can help you create an interactive, creative, memorable and fun video to train your new employees. A video is a great way to make a positive impression on your new employees and retain them for a longer period.

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