Google My Business is a free listing service provided by Google that helps your business show up on Google Search and Maps. When you google a business it is one of the things that show up. Google wants their users to have the best search experience, so they’ve made it easy for businesses to create listings where visitors can get information without even opening a website. As easy as it sounds to create a listing, it is important to do it right and make sure that your listing is accurate, up to date and that you have control of it. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your business page and why it matters.  Google reviews are often seen as more credible than other review sites, like Yelp, but because Google Search pulls all reviews, don’t ignore those other review sites.

Getting Reviews

So how do you get more and better reviews? The best way is to ask your customers to leave you a review. You can even ask customers to leave a review in exchange for a special gift or money off their next purchase. Create a link on your website that makes it easy for customers to leave you a review.

Responding to Reviews

Responding to reviews is another way to create fresh content on your Google My Business page. It also shows your customers you value feedback, are open to suggestions, and – especially when responding to negative reviews – that you’re willing to admit mistakes and make amends to keep customers happy.

Make your responses count

When responding to a positive review, mention keywords specific to your services. When responding to negative reviews, don’t forget that anyone who reads your reviews can see your response, so prove that you’re willing to make it right and will work hard to prevent the problem in the future.

Your Google Business page matters more than you might think it does. It helps visitors find you and learn some basic information about your business right off the bat. If a person is deciding which business to go with, seeing your reviews can be a decision maker. If one company has reviews and engagement when you Google them you will likely choose that company over the one with very seldom reviews and a bad looking Google page. If you need help getting a great business page and you aren’t sure where to start, let us help you. Oregon Marketing Group can build you a Google my business page with new pictures, your logo  add all the info you need and help you to claim your listing. If you are moving locations we can help you update the listing so it shows your latest address.

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