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You posted your latest blog to your business’ website and the phone rings.

It’s your mother congratulating you on another stellar writing piece.

She tells you she loves reading your blog because she learns a great deal. And it being your mother, you know she wouldn’t say this just to be nice.

Problem is – it seems like your mother and a few friends are the only ones reading your blog.

If you want to increase your audience, it takes more than terrific writing to do so. The goal of blogging should be to share with a large audience your skills – whether it’s catering gourmet meals or creating websites – and eventually increase sales for your business.

Here are a few tips for getting readers to your blog:

Find ways to have your readers stay at your site.

Let’s pretend you are a gourmet chocolate maker and you wrote a blog about your latest creation – chocolate, toffee, caramel crunch. You write how you found the recipe in your great grandma’s cookbook and how one of your uncle’s remembers eating it. After your reader is done with your blog, you don’t want them to leave. At the end of the blog, place a link so it takes them to your website where they can actually purchase your candy, provides a list of where they can buy it or invites them to a chocolate tasting event. You also want to have links where the reader can follow you on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.


Be consistent

Readers like to know they can count on you posting a blog on a regular basis just as much as they like to know they can go to the grocery store and find their favorite cereal or ice cream. Think of writing a blog this way – it’s like a coffee date with a friend. If you say you are going to be at the coffee shop at 9 a.m. and don’t show for three weeks, well, you are going to lose a friend. Same holds true with a reader. If you plan to post a blog every Wednesday, you can write it on a Sunday or a Monday and then use HootSuite or Social Oomph to post it to your site and to announce your posts to various social media sites.

Invite a friend to be a guest blogger

There are many advantages to having a friend write a blog for you, including it adds a fresh voice and perspective to your business. If you have a friend who loves helping you at your store or enjoys assisting you in making your product, the reader will get to see your business in a new way. If you have a friend who blogs about her business, set up an agreement where you write about her company and she writes about your company. This will help draw traffic to both your websites and you will also turn up more in Google search results if you have more content on your site.

Make your headlines attractive to SEO

When a reader is looking for homemade chocolate candy or organic, gluten free bread, he is going to Google “homemade chocolate candy” or “organic, gluten free bread.” If your blog is called Cindy’s tasty treats or Minus the wheat – that search engine is going to have a hard time finding you. It’s important to use key words that people will use in their searches. Effectively using Search Engine Optimization is crucial to driving traffic to your site. Our team at Oregon Marketing Group specializes in SEO and can show you ways to increase your traffic.

Use pictures

People love looking at photographs. Plus, if you label your photo – Tips for making chocolate candy – it will be another way for Search Engines to direct traffic to your site.

Keep it short and sweet and be yourself

The biggest mistake writers make is going on and on and on. Know what you want to say and say it. Also, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine on your blog or share your success as well as your mistakes. One reason people followed Julie Powell in her blog “Julie & Julia” was because she was real and they could relate.

And lastly, name drop

Anytime you use a name, a place or book title, mention a movie… that’s another way for Search Engines to find you and direct traffic to your site.

At Oregon Marketing Group, we can show you other ways to increase traffic, help design your site or even ghostwrite your blog. Give us a call to let us show you how we can help


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