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Oregon Marketing Group has available ad spots that rotates on 7 separate electronic billboards throughout Salem. It makes it affordable for small business to advertise in a big way. Your ad could be changed as often as you like because it is digital. This ad will display on average every 5 – 7 minutes or sooner depending on traffic. The ad is shown for 8 seconds at a time.

The 7 locations are Kuebler & Commercial (South facing), Market & Hawthorne (East facing towards freeway), Market & Lancaster (South facing), 12th Street near Vista (West facing), and Commercial Street near Vista (North facing). River Rd in Keizer (North facing), 17th Street and Mission St. (East Facing).

We also offer two locations on the I5 Freeway. North and South facing electronic billboards. These are independent from the other 7 locations that rotate in the heart of Salem.

The cost is $300 a month with a 3 month commitment plus a $50 one-time setup fee. The total is $950 for all 3 months. We can create the ad for $99 flat rate or simply put one up for you if you already have one. You could change your ad weekly since it is digital if you like. The ad spot is in one location per week then rotates to the next location. The week runs Monday through Sunday.

We also have a regular full price slots at $1600 per month shown 43,200 times per month and are displayed every minute.

The ad specs are 128 x 464 pixels @ 72ppi in RGB mode. Color Profile: sRGB. Save as a .jpg or.pdf.

Oregon Marketing Group is proud to offer electronic billboard advertising on the Interstate 5 Freeway in Oregon.
It’s simple, $1,500 per side (North bound or South bound traffic) or $1,400 per side if you take both at the same time. Your ad can be designed and provided by you or we can design your creative copy ad for a flat rate of $99. Look at the pictures below to see one of the largest billboards in Oregon. 14’X48′

Outdoor advertising is quickly gaining in popularity; the wide impact and cost-effective nature of billboard advertising is undeniable. In fact it was reported in 2006 that businesses spent more than $5.5 billion dollars on outdoor advertising that year. Billboard advertising continues to gain as a quality method of expressing a company’s sales message and market its services.

“Hi Ryan,
First I just wanted to thank you again!!! I was concerned about getting into billboard advertising, not knowing what to expect for a final product and the communication channels that  can be blocked when dealing with corporations, but you have made this a process that I look forward to using as our primary advertising source.”

Duane N.

NV Music Enterprises LLC

If you are wondering how much it costs and if the costs are worth the money, you can be rest assured that billboard advertising is your best advertising bet. Using billboards to advertise your goods and services is a smart move, and the cost of putting up a billboard advertisement is much less than what you would expect.

The Cost Of Billboard Advertising

Electronic Billboard Advertising for all of OregonThe cost of putting up a billboard ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 a month. At this rate, ten billboard advertisements would run roughly $30,000 a month. If this sounds like a lot of money to you, think again – because a running a full-page newspaper advertisement for a single day in any major newspaper will cost you the same amount – and it is not nearly as effective.

Technological advances have also played a big role in contributing to the cost-effective nature of billboard advertising. In days past, billboards were generally hand-painted, which was a costly and time-consuming task. However, with today’s advanced computer technology, billboards are now being designed through computers and are printed on poster board material or vinyl paper and then glued to the billboard backdrop. The outcome is a superior quality advertisement in less time and at affordable rates.

Benefits Of Billboard Advertising

By selecting billboard signs as your preferred advertising medium, you are choosing the most high-impact, cost-effectiveBillboard-2 medium. With the advances in technology today, you have limitless possibilities for the design of your company’s billboards. Here are a few benefits of choosing billboard advertising over other media:

1. Billboard advertising grabs the attention of potential customers like no other form of advertising can.

2. One of the most cost-effective mediums of advertising

3. Brand awareness and strong name recognition

4. Colorful, creative and eye-catching ads have more impact

5. Reaches out to thousands of people on a daily basis

6. Targets a specific audience according to location

7. Ads are not lost in the mix of competitors and editorials

8. Messages are delivered continuously and frequently

9. Directs potential clients and customers to your place of business

These are but a few of the many advantages that billboard advertising has. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that so many business owners are using billboard advertising today.

From putting them up at airports to sticking them on car or truck wraps to even showcasing them at movie theaters, billboard advertising makes it possible for you to advertise your products and services anywhere.

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