I am finding people are becoming more and more mindful of how they spend their money. From talking to several friends, it’s interesting to learn what companies they support and why.

Take for instance, REI.

Advertising starts with knowing your customer - Website Design and Video Production in OregonWhen REI made the announcement its stores would be closed on Black Friday, the social media world exploded with congratulations, especially when REI said it would pay its employees to go outside and play.

To many businesses, this would be an unthinkable and “unholy business” choice.

Yet, REI knew its customers would love the idea and are banking on customers supporting the business before and after Black Friday. By REI showing how it cares for its employees, it is also saying it cares for its customers. And customers like that.

Same holds true for businesses who are closed on Thanksgiving. These businesses understand more and more people see Thanksgiving as a day for family and friends and support businesses who hold the same values.

As a business, it’s your challenge to find what resonates with your customer base. And that’s how you create your advertising campaign.

Today, your customers are engaged in many different ways of receiving information from the newspaper delivered at their door, to the ads they hear on their favorite radio station and watch on their television to social media.

Determining how to create a message that connects with your customer is something Oregon Marketing Group can help you do. We understand the power of words and how to effectively target your message to your customers.

Oregon Marketing Group can help you create a creative advertising campaign that people will talk about and remember. Our advertising plan will benefit your business and will allow you to make sure that your ad reaches your target audience.

We start by asking you to think about the advertisements you like and dislike and why. This gives us an understanding of your likes and dislikes. Then we talk about your company and what it means to you. Carefully we craft a message you can be proud to share.

During the holidays, your customers will be bombarded with thousands and thousands of advertisings. All those businesses are aiming for clients to come to their business and spend money.

The question is how will you stand out? Make your business be noticed?

Let’s say you own a carpet cleaning business. One way to stand out is provide 12 days of free carpet cleaning to families in need. Not only will this be an effective ad that will make someone notice you, it will also garner you good press.

If you are not familiar with TOMS One for One campaign, I encourage you to look it up. The company pledges for every item you purchase to donate one to a person in need. The company has built its reputation on giving back and its customers in turn support TOMS. Why? Because TOMS client base is about what it can do to help its community. And TOMS knows what is important to its clients.

Look at REI, again. One simple idea has bucketed the company a great deal of good will and loyal customers. I know several friends who will be shopping there to show their support.

Once you know your client, that is the first step in creating a great ad campaign.

Give Oregon Marketing Group a call when you are ready to launch you ad campaign.


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