It can be difficult to build a website that is well optimized for SEO and is just what you want to represent your business. We can help you make a great website for your business and guide you with these simple steps.

5 Tips For Your SEO - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

1)  Keep The Navigation Simple
Make sure the navigation links can be followed by the search engines. Keep the layout simple and clean but packed with design. Trying to accomplish too much can work for the search engines but will ultimately discourage visitors from browsing your site.

2) Conversion , conversion, conversion 
Having a great website an make you very proud. However, the one thing that matters most is conversion. Try out different designs and see which result in more action whether it is e-mail sign-ups, social media shares, or sales. After all, your sales numbers are what matter the most.

3) Create a mobile alternative and format it

More people are using mobile devices to browse the Internet.That’s why it’s important to build a site meant to be viewed in mobile format and optimize it for search engines. It is very important to have a mobile responsive site and make sure that it appears good on different devices.

4) Design is good but loading time is bad 
Too much design can slow down the loading time of a site. When that happens, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to reduce downloads. Many things can affect loading time from font downloads to plugins for SEO to high-resolution images to scripts.

5) Experiment with different fonts 
There are many fonts that look like graphical text but are actually regular text. This means that the search engines will be able to read the text. Try experimenting with different fonts and consider buying font packs. This will allow you to avoid using images and keep your design simple.

Finding the balance between optimization and great design isn’t always easy, but these tips will help you. To many more clicks!!

Thank You - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

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