It’s Dec. 16.

Hard to believe the New Year starts in 15 days.

Check list of what to do before the New Year - Website Design and Video Production in OregonIt’s amazing how quickly the year has flown.

And since next week is Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, here’s a list of a few things that need to be completed before Jan. 1.

  1. Do you need any tax breaks? I was recently talking with an elementary school principal who shared with me that she mentioned to a business owner that the students needed some lap tops. The business owner knew he needed a tax break and bought the school eight laptops. A win-win situation. The principal received needed laptops and the business owner received a needed tax break. I would suggest you talk to your accountant about if you need a tax break and then consider what nonprofits you would like to support. What a great way to end the year with doing something good for you and others.
  2. Take a moment to thank your employees. Everyone needs to hear the words “thank you.” Or “Job well done.” Or “I appreciate what you bring to our company.” A small token of your appreciation is also a good idea. Treat your employees to lunch or bring them coffee and breakfast food. Or give them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.
  3. What is your vision for 2016? Have you taken a moment to go somewhere away from your office or business and plan the New Year? What are your goals? “Most people don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan.”
  4. Take a look at your business with an objective eye. How does your business look visually? Are all the lights working in your business’ sign? Does the outside look clean and inviting? Is your merchandise well stocked and well displayed? Impressions matter. Make sure you make a good one. Now is the time to clean up and declutter. And what you don’t need, you make a donation.
  5. Make goals. Make a list of things you want to accomplish in 2016. Start with the easy stuff and work to the hard stuff.
  6. Plan your time. Make time during your week to garner new sales. Plan promotions. Update your computer.
  7. Always start your day doing the task you dislike the most. If you get what you don’t like done first, it makes your day go faster.
  8. Enjoy what you do. If you bring joy to your work, it will pay in dividends.
Thank You - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

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