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OMG Home Page - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

Who we are

Oregon Marketing Group (OMG!) is a full creative marketing agency specializing in web design, digital advertisements, branding, and growing your online presence with digital content creation ranging from graphic design to product photoshoots and commercials.

Our #1 goal is to grow your online presence, increase your business sales, and help you maintain them through modern marketing tactics.

Client Testimonials

“Ryan and the team at OMG helped get my website to the next level. Their combination of web design, marketing, and site photography was the perfect combination, and all at a price that works for a small business. I would gladly recommend OMG to anyone looking to further their online presence and look forward to continuing to work with OMG in the future”.

– John C. 

Professionalism | Responsive | Quality | Value 

OMG! Specializes in professional product photography and video production. We work with you to get your brand message across to reach your target audience. Photos are used for social media accounts, campaign ads, and promoting your brand. Videos can be used for the same purpose, SEO, and local commercials.  

OMG Home Page - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

Educating & Empowering

At OMG! We believe in the power of education and the empowerment of managing and owning your own site. With OMG! you own 100% of your site. We take the time to teach you how to manage your website, social media platforms, and how to use keywords to build a strong SEO!  For those not looking for monthly rates, this is the perfect option: a one-time flat rate! 

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Thank You - Website Design and Video Production in Oregon

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