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Make a splash with your online presence

How Google Works With Oregon Marketing GroupHow many times a day do you “Google” something on your computer or phone? With the speed of the Internet, finding what you are looking for is a click away.

Now, think of your clients. Let’s say they are looking for your service or product. Google your business’ name. Where is it on the list?

If it’s not where you want it to be, let Oregon Marketing Group help move your business to the front of the list by teaching you how to properly use search engines.

Search engines are the lifeline to your clients and customers. Without proper search engine optimization, your website will never get noticed. We build yellow page like listings for your business and help make sure your website comes out on top. Within two to four weeks, we can have your online presence go from lackluster to outstanding.

Websites From Oregon Marketing GroupAt Oregon Marketing Group, we specialize in WordPress Websites. This is a content management system for your  entire business. Fourteen percent of all major businesses are using the WordPress Websites. This system empowers you to update and change your website at your convenience from your phone or personal computer.

Website Design in Oregon

Today’s WordPress is really a “content management system” (CMS), which means that it can be used to run full-sized, social media-rich business websites.

Oregon Marketing Group will help you build a WordPress website yourself. (You save money.) Or we can do it for you. (You save time.) And we can customize the look and feel of your WordPress site to perfectly fit your brand. Maybe you already have a WordPress website or blog, and you just need help fixing a few nagging problems or finding and installing the best plugins. We can do that, too.

Website Training

Custom WordPress Web sites and design made to work for you.

Do you know how to update your website? Are you held hostage by those that can? We can help you take control of your website and make your own changes and updates. Our favorite website to use is WordPress, but we can work with almost any type of site to help get you in the know. We do the work for one flat rate. Multiple custom changes are $499 or less on average. Simply tell us what you need and we will get you a quote.

Some Of Our Work

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Free Digital Footprint & SEO Report.

We spend an average of 2 hours to check your business & organization for your online presence and impact. This free report will cover all the areas that are critical to your success online and what you can do about it: SEO, website speed, images, meta tags, keywords, Google search rankings, Facebook, YouTube & other social media platforms to name a few. We list step by step suggestions that can be done to improve in all of these areas. We provide the answers to what you have been missing.

Please allow up to 7 days for your report to be emailed. Thank you for your interest.

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