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What is a YouTube specialist?

Content is key, and maybe you already have quality video content.  But, although creating a channel on YouTube is easy, using it effectively is not.  Your content needs an audience in order to achieve anything.

YouTube’s increased population and popularity, while making it more difficult to find a niche and grow an audience, also mean that there are more people who have strong knowledge of the challenges and trends involved in managing a channel.  Together with a certain inventiveness, these characteristics are what constitute a YouTube specialist.

What exactly are the skills that can make an individual valuable to your company or organization as you seek to establish a presence on YouTube?

  • Knowing how to build identity and consistency.
  • Recognizing the implications of differences between the platform YouTube provides and any other given platform, such as Facebook.  The way a website is structured affects what types of content are ideal for it.  It also affects the way users interact with each other and how they engage with content creators.
  • Figuring out how to encourage engagement by identifying what motivates the audience to do things that expand your reach, e.g. sharing your videos.  Another example of engagement would be viewers going on to create content of their own based on your product/service/message—encouraged by how it has been presented on YouTube—and some of their audience becoming yours as well.
  • Utilizing analytics to determine whether you are reaching your desired demographic and optimize factors like video content, length, timeliness, and searchability based on viewers’ habits and preferences.
  • Optimizing tagging, descriptions, and titles for searching.
  • Their familiarity with YouTube’s features is not only thorough but also agile.  YouTube changes frequently, from the website design to the underlying algorithms.
  • Either they can edit videos or they can guide an editor in making adjustments to meet the needs they have pinpointed.
  • Noticing existing practices in your business/organization that can be incorporated into your YouTube content or strategies.  Likewise, they can advise on how YouTube can enhance existing practices (customer service, product support, news and updates, etc.).
  • Determining what weight should be given to feedback received via YouTube.  Being able to recognize spam and “trolling” is part of this skill.
  • Realistically evaluating potential business partners and collaborators who have a focus on YouTube.  In tandem with this, they can establish contact and communicate effectively.
  • Do you want to build a community around your YouTube channel?  Look for community-building in a YouTube specialist’s skillset.

General marketing experience is certainly a major plus.  Experience with search engine optimization (SEO) is also a plus.

You might wonder why someone with all that YouTube expertise isn’t making their living off of creating their own videos.  It may be that they do run a channel of their own that is successful to some degree and wish to supplement their income from advertising.  They may have decided to retire from content production and take their skills in a different direction.

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