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Creating your own domain name is the first step to establishing your online presence and reaching visitors. Here are seven easy steps to creating and registering your domain, and avoiding any pitfalls that may arise.

setting up your own domain name


  1.  Come up with your ideal domain name. This is your identity on the internet- the name that goes between the “www.” and the “.com”, “net”, or “.org”
    • The more unique your domain name is, the less likely it is already taken. Many people choose some sort of amalgam of their own name or a nickname, especially if it is a personal website.
    • Business websites should try to target their business name, so that their customers can easily locate them.
    • As your first choice might already be taken, be prepared to be flexible.
  2. Next decide, Dot-com, dot-net or dot -org?    You can choose your domain name’s suffix mostly at your own discretion. Here are a few things to consider.
    • .com = This is the most common Domain, and  is generally preferable to the others. Unfortunately, a lot of the good ones are taken.
    • .org = for by non-profit organizations.
    • .net =  by Internet Service Providers.
    • .biz = This Domain is just for businesses.
    • .info = The first Domain solely for information resources.
    • The above are “Generic Domains”, open to all persons or entities throughout the world. There are also country-specific domains, like “.ca” (Canada) or “.mx” (Mexico).
  3. Be creative. Think of something short and memorable, this domain name will identify you or your business for a long time. The domain name represents you or your business online, its like naming a child or pet.
  4. The domain name that you want may be taken. Often the domain registration company will give you suggestions if one already exists.
  5. When you have chosen your ideal name, find a reputable registrar. Go daddy is the most popular, we like to use host gator when possible.
  6. Now you are ready to register! just go do it!
  7. Contact us if you need any help!

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